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The services of a plumber are quite important, where the quality of the work performed depends on the qualifications and experience of the specialist. Breakdowns of plumbing equipment are common, and the relevance of repair services by experienced plumbers in this area is undeniable. However, many people wonder whether to call a plumber at home or to make repairs themselves. As practice shows, it is better not to perform all the work yourself and turn to a specialist who will not just save money and time, but also save your nerve cells, because for this purpose and there is a service plumber at home.

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The company's portfolio includes several hundred completed orders and positive feedbacks.

11 years of successful work and impeccable reputation prove that we can be trusted with even the most time-consuming and complex work. Our plumber will perform all kinds of plumbing services: from replacing the faucet and installing the toilet to the installation of turnkey communications.


professional services

The device and functionality of modern plumbing in the apartment is complex: a person without special knowledge and practical skills in them to understand can not. To perform even basic repairs is impossible without professional tools. Trying to cope with the adjustment of damaged devices, radiators or pipes can lead to complete failure.

The best alternative - a qualified private plumber with experience and the necessary tools.

Our profile - all types of plumbing work, and our prices are competitive in the market. Each of our plumbers trained abroad, in Western European countries - the practice allowed us to find masters of high professionalism and punctuality.

Operational departure for the following works:

Elimination of emergency situations;
Installation and replacement of sanitary fittings;
Installation of plumbing and plumbing fixtures;
Replacement and installation of water pipes and sewage;
Installation, replacement and flushing of heating systems and radiators;
Installation, replacement and calibration of water meters;
The elimination of blockages and cleaning the sewerage system;
Soldering copper, welding iron and polypropylene pipes;
Installation and repair of washing machines and dishwashers;
Installation, connection and repair of boilers;
Restoration of bath liquid acrylic and acrylic veneer;
Repair of bathrooms, toilets and toilets;
Transfer and combination of kitchen, bathrooms and toilets;
Drilling and arrangement of wells for water;
Construction of cesspools, septic tanks and caissons;
Diamond cutting and drilling into walls;
All kinds of welding works.

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